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Then and Now

A Little Something About Us

Our mission is simple: to provide the best quality product and the best service possible. 

Our History

The Pupillo family started selling produce at a major intersection in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, in 1972.  Just 10 years later, T.J. Pupillo, Inc. d/b/a Salad Bar Tenders began distributing produce and other salad bar essentials to a major east coast supermarket chain.  A few years later, as our business began to grow, we became displeased wih the quality of prepared salads available.  We decided to start manufacturing our own line of prepared salads and sides named for the place where the recipes started: Isabelle Pupillo's kitchen.

Today, Salad Bar Tenders and Isabelle's Kitchen have a greater geographical reach and a larger line of products--including our popular Salad Dressings and clean-label Maple Avenue Foods Salads--but our goal remains the same: to seek out new, innovative ways to grow the business and to provide our customers with the best quality product and service available.



Our focus on quality is two-fold: quality ingredients and quality assurance through our food safety program.

We have formed long-standing relationships with reliable suppliers who provide ingredients that meet our high quality standards.  Our team of suppliers know that quality comes first, and our customers know that quality is what sets us apart.

Food safety is apparent in every step of our production process and this charge is lead by our Quality Assurance team.  Our plant is designed with food safety in mind and our annual third party Good Manufacturing Practices audit confirms our commitment to food safety with a high score every year.  However, we do not sit on our laurels and we are constantly improving the food safety aspects of our production plant and warehouses.


Excellent service is the extra "ingredient" in all of our products.  

We know that whether you're calling in an order, making an appointment with our sales team, or going through in-store salad bar training, exceptional service makes a difference.  As family owned companies, we at Isabelle's Kitchen and Salad Bar Tenders know the importance of a personal touch.  We don't rely on outsourced customer service or computerized call routing systems, just a real person in our office ready to assist you.

Our Team

We'd like for you to meet the men & women who've made Isabelle's Kitchen & Salad Bar Tenders what it is today.  Many are family and many have been around long enough to be considered family.